Mega Link 7 in 1 Features
1. Machine type can choose “Standalone” or “Link”.
It will need to buy a SERVER if you want to choose “Link”.
2. “Standalone” type has Jackpot, its maximum can be 150 multiplied to the total bet.
When player gets the jackpot, it will play the jackpot music.
3. “Link” type can link 4~16 machine. It has 3 jackpot, the maximum is 1200 multiplied to the total bet, and it will play the jackpot music when player gets the jackpot.
4. When you choose “Link” type, the SERVER can adjust every single ID’s probability, check every single ID’s status, and check every single ID’s accounting.
5. New function: Players can easily and clearly to know they get awards by the winning reels screen.
6. The board is single screen.
When you want to set “Link” type, you can use Video splitter to display double screen.
7. We will have a network card to you for free.
The Mega Link 7 in 1 is easy to operate; it can use normal network line to link.
If there is a board offline or malfunction, other boards’ operation will not be affect.
8. Probability: 83%, 86%, 89%, 92%, 95%, 98%

mega link 7in1 p2